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You can make a difference for other people in our area. It’s as simple as sharing what you find helpful about Broad River Church and takes less than 5 minutes. Sharing what you love about Broad River Church is a great way to help us reach people who don’t know God and spread the news about God’s work in our church.

Here are two examples of good reviews people have left for our church:

“I cannot recommend this church highly enough. I had attended many churches in my search for a spiritual center and I truly feel that this special community is now my second home. Everyone here is very warm and welcoming and I have developed a special bond with my spiritual guide, Pastor Kevin. Although I have only been a member here since 2019, it feels like I have part of a lifelong family.”

“Love love love my church! Love my pastors Kevin & Jacinta, love their sermons, love the atmosphere they promote of love and caring for one another, love the wonderful welcoming congregation! I’ve been attending services here since October 2020 and I feel an amazing connection with everyone and have developed a deep relationship with my Lord Jesus Christ thanks to my church! You are welcome here too!”

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